Arbitrage Underdog – Is It Really For You?

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What is the meaning of the term “Arbitrage”?

In simple terms, arbitrage is buying as well as selling an asset at the same time. In other words, you just buy an asset for $x price and immediately sell the same for a slightly higher price, thus making a small margin of profit.

Normally arbitrage is used in buying and selling of stocks and securities. Since, we are talking about a small margin, only big institutions will get into arbitrage arrangement since you would need to invest a huge sum of money.

OK, what then exactly is Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen?

Arbitrage Underdog (AU) is a software that is based on a similar business model. AU is meant for internet marketers or online marketers and it involves two well known platforms; Craiglist and Fiverr.

How does this system work?

For example, a buyer at Craiglist offers $250 to get a graphics job done. You find a seller who has offered to do a similar job at Fiverr but the price is normally just $5 to do that job. You accept the job at Craiglist and outsource that job to the Fiverr seller. After completion, the buyer from Craiglist pays you $250 and you, in turn, pay the seller at Fiverr just $5, thereby making a cool $245 profit that goes into your pocket.

Neat, right?

But, if you have to manually find job requests from Craiglist and again manually find corresponding seller offers at Fiverr, it is bound to take an enormous amount of time and effort on your part.

AU Evergreen software simplifies this process to a great extent. You input any keyword phrase or niche and the software will search and then list all the buyer requests at Craiglist as well as the corresponding seller offers at Fiverr with lot of additional information. It also has various filtering options. Based on these results, you choose the most ideal craiglist/fiverr combination for best returns.

This Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen review is basically an attempt to explain threadbare how this software can help you make money without much sweat.

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