How ManageWP Saves A Tremendous Amount Of time When I Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

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I have two business models that I am presently pursuing. I am an affiliate marketer and also an offline marketer. So, I have to manage multiple WordPress sites, owned both by me as well as by my clients. The number of blogs at any time for me to handle total 30 or more. So, what are the activities that I need to do while managing my blogs. Let me give you a list of all the activities that I need to perform on a regular basis when I have to do website management for each of my sites:

  1. Regular WordPress full site backups

  2. Regular WP database backups

  3. For the above 2 backup activities, since I have more than 30 blogs, I am not able to take backups of more than 1 site per day. In other words, it is already one month before one round of backup for all sites is completed.

    I take full site backup as well as database backup through cPanel. So, I have to login to the cPanel of each site and take the backups of the folders and files apart from the databases.

  4. Plugin updates as and when available

  5. Theme updates as and when available

  6. I need to login to individual sites and update the plugins as well as themes on a regular basis.

  7. WordPress updates when released

  8. Before I can carry out WordPress updates, I need to take a backup of the full site as well as the database. I need to do this while I am logged in to the cPanel. Then I login to the WordPress Admin panel and update the WordPress Core.

  9. Comments monitoring

  10. Comments have to be monitored on a regular basis for each site. This is to correctly identify spam comments and good comments.

  11. Website Cloning

  12. Whenever I have to create a new affiliate site, I normally create a copy of an existing affiliate site. And, then create the site at the new domain manually. This process normally takes me around 3 hours.

  13. Website Migration

  14. Website migration is required whenever I am creating a client site (or my own site) on a development server. And, once the site is ready, I migrate it to the live domain. This process is again quite similar to the website cloning that I do above.

  15. Keyword Rank Monitoring

  16. As an affiliate, keyword rank tracking is an extremely important regular activity that I have to perform and monitor. I was actually paying a monthly subscription fee for a different service for rank tracking. This was becoming quite expensive for me as the prices were steep.

All the above activities which are actually routine in nature have to be done and cannot be avoided. But, to be very honest, these activities were taking up too much of my productive time that I would have otherwise used in earning more money from my business.

Apart from the above activities, whenever I needed to add a new plugin or whenever I had to publish a blog post, I had to login to each site and perform these activities.

I was looking for a methodology or tool that would help me save on this time and at the same time perform these activities on a regular basis and reliably too.

I came across a service by the name of ManageWP some one and half years back. I subscribed to their service and I have loved them ever since.

What is this ManageWP Service all about and how does it help you to manage WordPress sites?

I thought it would be better if I showed the details about this service through a short video that I recorded yesterday.

Watch the video below.



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