Earn A Great Income By Becoming An Affiliate For A Gold Investment Company

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Affiliate marketing is a popular way for many people to earn a good income online. The income potential depends on many things. One of these is the quality of the affiliate program itself. With so much popular interest in gold investment today, working as an affiliate with a gold investment company has the promise in generating a healthy income for affiliates.

Regal Assets is a gold investment company with a stellar reputation as the leader in the gold investment industry. It has helped thousands of investors increase the worth of their investment accounts by educating them in the advantages of having gold in their portfolios. A lot of investors are catching on that gold is the best investment in preserving the value of their holdings, especially through tough economic times.

Regal Assets wants to spread this message to all investors out there, and it has created an affiliate program to help them achieve that. Their affiliate program is number one in the finance industry because of the amazing payouts to its affiliates.

Its commission structure is the most lucrative in the industry. As an affiliate, you get $30 for every lead that includes name, email and phone number. You get $30 for every phone call coming in that lasts at least 10 minutes. On top of that, you get three percent of the total investment amount of the lead. Every time your lead invests with Regal Assets, you earn a commission.

This is where the serious money comes in because your commission earning potential is unlimited. The more your lead invests, the higher commission you will earn. One of Regal Assets’ top affiliates earned over $50,000 in October 2013. The affiliate program has paid out millions of dollars to its affiliates since its launch last summer.

If your website is about gold investing, you will not have any problem generating traffic to your website. The public is hungry for information on boosting their investment, and gold is the hot topic these days. Regal Assets is ahead of its competition in reputation and has the highest ratings from major consumer watchdog sites. Take advantage of this “golden” opportunity, and become an affiliate of Regal Assets.

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