Can It Deliver the Traffic Boost It Promises?

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1. Introduction

Submitting well-written, topical articles to Web directories is commonly considered to be an excellent way to bring traffic back to a website. Unfortunately, this process can be long and tiring. With recent changes to search engine algorithms, it can also damage your reputation if you don’t submit your content correctly. is a website dedicating to helping site owners submit their article content to a variety of different directories without requiring too much time, effort, or risk of a search engine downgrade. Here is a look at the effectiveness of this site and what it has to offer.

2. Detailed Description has offices in both New York and the UK and offers an automated article submission service supported by a monthly fee. Services are provided to members entirely through the company’s website and eliminate the need to manually sign up for memberships on multiple sites and submit articles by hand. The site itself submits users’ articles using a “drip-based” process to avoid the search engine downgrade caused by flooding the directories with similar articles in a short period of time.

This service covers a wide range of article distribution sites and offers a human review process to ensure quality submissions. also offers a range of features intended to help users submit higher-quality content, more-appealing links, and multiple unique articles instead of duplicate content. Most of these extra features are included with the basic membership service by default and do not require an extra fee for access. Some features are available only with a gold level membership.

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3. Benefits

This company states that its services can offer “massive publicity…through the power of online content distribution”. It advertises the following benefits to using to distribute content to directories.

  • Multiple pen names – allows you to submit articles using an unlimited number of pen names from a single account.
  • Instant publication – This service provides instant, automatic publication on relevant niche websites.
  • High quality network – uses a range of high-quality publishers, including email publishers, major article directories and submission hubs, and niche blogs.
  • ArticleLeverage feature – This proprietary article spinning feature allows users to distribute unique versions of their articles to improve search ranking and reader interest.
  • ArticleTrickle feature – SubmitYourArticle’s ArticleTrickle feature lets customers “drip” articles out to the whole network over a long period. Users can choose from a range of distribution speeds and build links more naturally than with rapid submissions.
  • Article management suite – This specialized software allows users to enter an unlimited number of articles, preview the content, schedule for distribution, and publish easily. It also provides statistics for each article.
  • EasyPublish feature – The site’s proprietary EasyPublish feature allows even users who are not technologically savvy to format and publish their articles easily. EasyPublish offers plain text and HTML formatting options.
  • Article scheduling – This feature allows users to load articles in advance and set a date for distribution without being present at the time of publication.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction – offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their experiences.

4. Pros

This article submission service has mixed reviews from customers, who cite its convenience and ease of use as major positives. Here are some other reasons to use

  • Saves time – Users who need to handle submission to a large number of directories can automate the process, making it quicker and easier.
  • One week trial period – The inexpensive trial option allows users to determine whether they like the site and the interface.
  • Long-term traffic – Articles submitted by this service can provide traffic for many years after the initial submission. It also helps increase backlinks to your sites or the Level 1 sites that you target.
  • Does not require monitoring – Scheduling and trickle options allow customers to “set it and forget it”, returning only when they need to add more articles or change their distribution settings.
  • Increased uniqueness – In the wake of major changes to search engine ratings,’s spinning services ensure uniqueness and reduce the risk of penalties.

5. Cons is one of the oldest and most effective article submission services, but it does have a few problems. Here are some of the downsides of working with this company:

  • Price – charges almost $50 per month for its silver level services and nearly $70 per month for gold level services. These fees can add up over time, making it difficult for marketers on a budget to afford this service.
  • Reduced effectiveness – While this company has been providing article submission services for many years, recent changes to search engine algorithms have rendered article marketing less effective for link-building than it once was. This makes’s services somewhat less effective.
  • Potentially reduced readability – This service offers “article spinning” options to render content more unique, but these services can result in less-readable content if the spinning is not done properly.
  • No verification – notifies users when their articles are published but they only provide a small list of websites to verify publication.

6. Pricing offers a 7 day trial membership at a cost of $1. After the initial trial period, the membership converts to either a gold or silver level membership. Silver membership costs $47 per month, while gold membership costs $67 each month.

7. Sales Region is owned by Takanomi, Ltd, a UK-based company that provides services to users around the world.

8. Recommendations

This site provides easy, automated submission of articles and other basic Web content to a variety of different publishers. It is appropriate for marketers who already need to publish a high volume of articles. The regular monthly fee can make this service difficult for small marketing firms to afford, however.

9. Overall Rating: ★★★★½


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