All You Want To Know About Shrink Sleeve Packaging

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What is shrink sleeve packaging?

Shrink sleeves are labels that are affixed and heated onto a container. This helps the label to match the contours of the container. The label may be a full-body label or partial body label.

These types of packaging are used in lots of industries, for example, beverages, food containers, etc.

Advantages of shrink sleeve labels are:

– They are attractive
– Lots of display area for promotions and information
– 360 degree view
– Protects the container
– They are durable
– Tamper proof
– Economical
– Fast to implement
– Custom labels are possible

Shrink sleeve packaging can be done for several purposes:

– Partial body packaging
– Seamless full body packaging
– Tamper proof packaging
– Used for multipack
– Digital labels for both partial and full body packaging

Full body shrink sleeves allow for a 360-degree view on the container. This gives a huge area for information as well as promotions. Along with the full body, if you opt for tamper evident packaging, then the shrink sleeves also cover the cap to protect against tampering.

The latest in this technology are the digital shrink sleeves. The shrink sleeves are digitally printed rather than using block printing. The advantages of digitally printed shrink sleeves are:

– This saves lot of costs
– It allows for faster and repeated prototype runs
– Save costs on plates
– Print quality is excellent
– Extremely fast turnaround times

For shrink sleeve packaging, you need high quality equipment. You need labeling equipment, sealing equipment, converting equipment, banding equipment, neck banding machine, tunnels and digital printing machines.

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