Why Is It Important To Consider Long Tail Keywords For Ranking?

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Traffic to any website consists of two types of traffic. One is called Organic Traffic and the other is known as Paid Traffic. Paid traffic again manifests in different forms, one of which being pay-per-click method.

Paid traffic gives you instant results but it can be very expensive. It would be ideal to get traffic to your site or blog organically as it will be an inexpensive proposition.

But, unlike paid traffic where we can control the results, we do not have any control over organic traffic generation. We can only follow certain unwritten rules for generation of organic traffic on search engines like Google and hope that the traffic will increase.

The most important rules for organic traffic generation are:

  1. On-Page search engine optimization
  2. Off-Page search engine optimization or Backlinks

We need to publish content that is optimized based on certain set of principles. The optimization to the content is basically required for the search engines to rank your content page higher for certain keywords or key phrases.

During the earlier days in the on-page optimization game, people were able to use short one to two word phrases and get high rankings for these phrases. But as time went by, most of the short words for different niches had already been used and ranked for.

So, the website content creators started using longer keyword phrases to rank a page in the search engines. Such longer keywords are also called Long Tail Keyword Phrases or just long tail keywords.

With thousands of websites & blogs emerging on a daily basis, even finding these long tail keywords have started becoming a challenge.

Several softwares have sprung up in helping a person to find relevant long tail keywords for specific niches.

I saw a long tail pro review, which I believe is very good in finding on-target long tail keywords.

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