Outsourcing Your Article Submission: Five Great Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

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If you’ve made the decision to outsource the online article submission, the ultimate success of the partnership is mainly determined by just how well you communicate with your outsourced professional writer.

If you do not lay things out very clearly, how will the author know exactly what is expected of her or him?

You have to put down a number of accurate instructions for how you want your articles to be written and submitted. It really takes a lot of work at the front end, however putting your guidelines down is just a one time effort on your part that really will pay you over the longer term.

These are some things that you have to tell your author:

1 – Give her a list of your editorial instructions for the submission website or the directory where you would really like the article to be submitted. This will help your writer know exactly what to aim at.

2 – Definitely direct your writer to resources that can explain to them how to write a keyword dense article title. Some article directories actually have “Title Suggestion Tools” that help a writer create keyword focused titles–be sure that the writer is aware of all of these tools and resources.

3 – If the author is submitting articles on your behalf, it will definitely be really helpful to take her or him through the submission process that you are using. If you are submitting using automated article submitter software, make sure you refer your writer to any tutorials that are offered on the submission service system.

4 – Be certain that your writer is clear about the subject matter of your marketing articles. Your articles should provide helpful teaching on your general subject niche. It would not be appropriate to write an article about your business, products, website or services.

5 – Be sure to tell the author just how you would like your articles written and submitted. For example:

* Write 8 articles every month.

* Each and every article needs to be between 500-600 words in length and put into our account by the months end.

* Give your author an excellent list of your keywords and make sure to stipulate just how many articles each month you want these keywords to be used in.

* Tell your author how to make use of these keywords in your articles. For example: “Use the keyword phrase in a natural way (and crucially a grammatically accurate way) in your articles title. In addition include the target phrase in your first paragraph of the article.. If will not, then be sure to include the phrase as near to the start of the article as possible.”

* You can either pre-write the resource boxes you want your author to utilize or provide him or her with resources that will tell them how to prepare a strong resource box.

* If you have a preferred category, be certain to instruct your writer the one you want him to use.

So, if you’ve got a new writer on board the business, you really must check each of the articles before they are submitted on your account. This is really just to be sure that the writing quality is up to standard. In general, if this is the right outsourced professional for your business, you’ll not have to check them for long. Really quickly you will become confident in your author’s skills and you will not need to review the articles, at the beginning this really is a must.

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