WordPress Defender – Follow These Steps and Protect Your Blog From Hacks

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Last month, I found out to my utter dismay that several of my blogs had been hacked. I was totally dejected and frustrated. Luckily for me, just a week before I found out about this hacking, one of my online friend had highly recommended an ebook, WordPress Defender by John Hoff, to protect my blogs. On the basis of his recommendations, I had purchased the WordPress Defender book at that time and conveniently forgot about that book since I was not an affected party at that time.

When I found out about this hacking of my sites, I decided to try out the steps mentioned in his ebook to secure my blog against any sort of hacking. I was able to remove the hacking myself and the procedure of securing my blogs went very smoothly as outlined in the ebook.

Since there were several sites involved which needed to be secured, I created a checklist detailing the steps to follow. Also, I created certain template files for .htaccess, index.html and wp-config.php. Also to help myself, I created an exact folder structure with the relevant files. I downloaded all the plugins mentioned in the ebook for securing my blogs. These, along with the Excel Checklist immensely helped me to complete my tasks within the shortest possible time.

Actually, all the things that I did, as mentioned in the above paragraph, is contained in the ebook but they are scattered and located in different chapters. What I did was to create a step-by-step checklist along with the required supported files and tools. This kind of a checklist is lacking in the book. By saying this, I am not trying to undermine the usefulness of the ebook. If I had not had this ebook, I could not have secured my blog against hacking to this advanced level! This ebook is that valuable! Plain and simple!

This checklist kit consists of both pdf and excel format, plugin downloads, exact folder structure and the template files. I have created the excel sheets in both old version as well as new version, i.e., .xls and .xlsx

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