15 Sure Fire Feature Tips To Ensure Xsitepro Website Design Software Is The Right Tool For You?

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By the time you finish reading this XsitePro website design software review, you will definitely agree with me that Xsitepro is the only software that any internet marketer would ever need for building any type of website.

Whether she wants to build a one page affiliate pre-sales page, a sales letter, a 10-page mini site or 1000-page corporate website, Xsitepro can deliver these sites at the shortest possible turnaround time and, at the same time, maintain a high level of quality, versatility, flexibility and simplicity that, to my knowledge, I have never seen in any other web design and development platform.

I have been using Xsitepro for the last three years for all my online business and web development needs starting from Xsitepro version 1 through to version 2 currently. Of course, there is simply no comparison between the features that were available in version 1 and what is available now. Xsitepro version 1 was pretty good at that time but having used version 2 since last year, I just cannot imagine how I was putting up with version 1.

In this review, I will discuss the key features that Xsitepro2 incorporates and that which I have found to make my web development life cycle a simple and trouble free process. In my interaction with various online business owners, I have found that at least 95% of them use Xsitepro extensively for their online business and most of them regard these features as their primary reason for having chosen Xsitepro, in the first place.

  1. Xsitepro has a huge collection of professional website templates. You will find a template no matter which niche you want to target. These templates are one of the reasons that website creation is very fast in Xsitepro.
  2. Search engine optimization for on-page SEO is built into the software. Xsitepro gives you detailed statistics and graphs to let you know where you need to improve the webpage on the SEO front.
  3. Xsitepro has built-in scheduler that facilitates scheduling of website content updates. You need not be physically present for posting your contents as the scheduler takes care of it in your absence. So, your site can grow naturally which search engines love.
  4. Insert relevant and live RSS Feeds in your site to keep your content updated and fresh for the search engines.
  5. Create Silo’d site on the fly to get your site loved by the search engines.
  6. Create RSS feeds for your site and get the RSS feeds updated automatically when your content is updated.
  7. Make your website compatible to mobile browsers just with a few clicks of your mouse.
  8. In Xsitepro, almost all the features that you desire are implemented using widgets by following a 2-3 simple menu driven steps.
  9. Xsitepro boasts built-in monetization options. So, an internet marketer can start earning money from the first day of the website being live.
  10. Even after creating a 10,000 page website, you can change your template in a jiffy. And, you instantly have a new look site. This is a feature I love in Xsitepro.
  11. Automatically create a Google sitemap file that is accepted by Google, Yahoo and MSN. And, this sitemap file is kept updated as you add or change content.
  12. Automatically create a sitemap file for the visitors, both in alphabetical as well as hierarchical order.
  13. Everything is Wysiwyg so you do not at all have to tinker with any codes. But, if you are a HTML geek, then you have the facility to add any code, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc, to your site to expand its functionality.
  14. Above all, I will not do justice if I do not talk about their support. They are not 24/7 support but I have found that their support personnel go out of the way to help resolve your issues and they are pretty prompt.
  15. I am going to reveal a secret that I am sure others do not know. Or, would not like you to know to keep the competition low. If you start looking beyond the built-in templates and if you wish to customize your header graphics or create new ones, what do people normally suggest? They will ask you to go ahead and purchase a graphics software which will probably cost you $300 at the very least. But, I will say just wait. Don’t jump at it.

    The makers of Xsitepro web design software have quietly created a great header graphics software that nicely complements Xsitepro’s simplicity in use and, at the same time, is equally versatile. You might think, so, what is great about it? I am not going to shell out another $200 or so on this software.

    Well, that is the secret I wanted to reveal to you. While writing this review, when I checked with the Xsitepro team, they were STILL offering this software F*REE (with no strings attached). How long they will continue with this offer, I do not know. So, when they are in this generous mood, why don’t you grab the software at http://www.xheader.com. Like Xsitepro, I am a great fan of Xheader.

Let me now get a little more practical and tell you how long does it really take to create a website using Xsitepro. Assuming your website content or copy is ready, a 10 to 50 page website starting from scratch, then uploading to the webhosting server and getting the site up and running would typically take around 30 minutes.

The best part is that Xsitepro website design software accurately adapts to your needs whether you are a novice in web development or you are a Pro.

Are you interested in getting your hands on the detailed XsitePro2 fact sheet? You may download it here for F*ree! I give you permission to pass on this Xsitepro brochure to your friends and collegues if they wish to know what Xsitepro is all about.

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