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By pay-per-click advertising, PPC advertising in short, people usually refer to the marketing pattern used by most advertising networks and search engines. Advertisers pay the site that displays their ads only when one of these gets clicked on, hence the name of the model. All business owners activating online have certain keywords or key-phrases that define and address a target market. When someone researches for one of these keywords, websites will display not only page content but relevant ads too. Sometimes one may use the terms of sponsored ads or sponsored links and in fact imply PPC advertising.

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Google, Yahoo!Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter represent the largest networks working on the PPC advertising system. The prices practiced by these service providers are similar in terms of packages, but high differences appear within each pattern under the pressure of a higher or lower level of demand for a certain key phrase. There are several ways of conducting PPC advertising campaigns and lots of businesses actually higher professional agencies to do this part of the Internet marketing promotion from A to Z. Thus, there are two kinds of campaigns with their specific categories: content match and sponsored match.

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Thus PPC advertising focusing on content develops campaigns make profit by using the business website, other web pages as well as newletters and emails. The sponsored match variant on the other hand involves only the ad display on the search engine result pages. Thus, the advertiser earns money when there is a transaction resulting from the ad clicking, while the displayer, whether website or search engine makes profit with every click on the ads regardless of profitability or relevancy to the advertiser.

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The issue with PPC advertising is the risk of falling victim to click fraud. This means that dishonest people often click on ads just to ruin the competition by increasing the pay-per-click total costs and thus make business unprofitable. The other situation is when the websiter advertising online orders the clicks on the ads to generate more money. Google and the other search engines have acted promptly against such abuses, and the main safety program consisted in the implementation of automated systems capable to detect fraudulent clicking. Yet, the system is not 100% safe and breaches do exist.

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