Linkvana – One Way Link System

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E-commerce businesses live and die by the nature of online business relationships that are formed in a virtual world. Ask any web designer what the secret to success is in growing an internet business from a one page operation into a multi level professional operation and the answer will undoubtedly be the link system.

As internet businesses started to appear, the common way to foster e-commerce relationships was with reciprocal links. For a small internet business owner just starting out, this is not only time consuming but rather intimidating as well. As the business grows, there is simply less and less time to focus on marketing aspects of a website.

This is where Linkvana comes into the picture.

This company does all of the tedious, behind-the-scenes work for you to secure quality in-post one-way links for your content. With a centralized support system, users log into one main account to enter marketing information. With the click of a mouse, this information is submitted on 50 – 100 blogs per month for marketing exposure that would take hours on an individual submit basis.

Basically this service is an online version of real world target marketing campaigns. Marketing information can be provided by the client or a team member from Linkvana can create it based on supplied keywords by the client. Information is submitted over a secure network that protects client URL’s from spammers.

Linkvana prides itself on providing “Quality Above All” to members. Team members are available 24/7 to assist clients in whatever needs arise. Currently, the service is limited to the first 300 members who sign up at a price of $197. But, for a limited time, there is a special discounted pricing being offered. You can secure the same membership at $147 for a very limited time.

This is one service you would always insist upon!

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