SpeedPPC version 3.0 – Best Time to Buy is For Next 2 Days!

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If you are wondering what SpeedPPC is all about, then you need to first read my Review of SpeedPPC version 3.0 here. Then, please come back to this article as I am about to reveal something that is extremely time sensitive.

To celebrate the end of financial year at the head office of SpeedPPC in Australia, they are having an End of Financial Year Sale for just 2 days.

For 2 days starting from 7 AM EST (US) on 25-Jun-08, you can get a massive $100 discount on SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro software. Along with this, you also receive ClickBank Mining Tool as a free bonus.

I have been using SpeedPPC since its launch and I have been highly satisfied with the results. In fact, I never expected such positive results, in the first place.

As I already mentioned in my review, this software is not for everyone. Only if you are into Pay-per-Click marketing or you plan to, you should consider purchasing this software. If you have some exposure in PPC marketing, then I can honestly say that you could tremendously increase your earning potential using this software. I would, then, highly recommend the software to you as an existing PPC marketing professional.

So if you have been wanting to see what SpeedPPC can do, now is the time to try it. With the 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Get instant access by clicking at SpeedPPC.com

With SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you get all the benefits, including:

  • The patent-pending SpeedPPC campaign builder
  • Powerful Affiliate Datafeed Software to generate targeted landing pages from bulk data files
  • 15 professional landing page templates
  • 380+ Expansion lists
  • User Guides and Training Videos
  • 12 months Free upgrades to new versions
  • 12 months Free product support

Hurry up and do not delay, get it while the price is hot! You just have 2 days to get it at this price!

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