Review Of SpeedPPC version 3.0

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Urgent Note from Raj (Admin) on 24-Jun-08

If you are reading this review, that means you are interested in this software. There is an End of Financial Year Sale of SpeedPPC starting from 7 AM on 25-Jun but just for 2 days.

Hurry up and read more about it in my latest post SpeedPPC version 3.0 – Best Time to Buy is For Next 2 Days!.

In this day of internet business ventures, having an edge over the competition can add up to more hits on a website and more sales in the bank.

How exactly do you, the website owner, gain that competitive edge? The answer is simple – let SpeedPPC do the work for you. In this article, I will give you a brief review of SpeedPPC version 3.0, the latest version released now.

SpeedPPC utilizes customized software to generate advertising campaigns in minutes. This same result would take you hours perhaps an entire month to create and execute to a desired target market sector.

One of the services SpeedPPC provides is generating ad word campaigns in the blink of an eye. The campaign is created to produce the highest possible pay per click rates for each keyword in the section.

Each desired keyword also receives a targeted website page so visitors will be taken from point “A” to point “B” with one click. Visitors will not lose focus along the way or be taken to a miscellaneous website page. As a result of such high targetting, you pay a pittance as pay per click cost, i.e., CPC, and conversion rates increase exponentially for your website.

SpeedPPC software allow for specific target market sector advertisements to be created. This gives you the ability to reach an entire customer base at once in a fraction of the time it would take to reach each individual customer segment.

Watch adwords quality scores soar with the use of the features in SpeedPPC. These services were created for real world business settings designed to work with a business development plan already in place. With the SpeedPPC services, you receive software, information guides and codes to track where the services take your business.

The latest SpeedPPC version 3.0 has just been released. SpeedPPC software is priced at $497 but for the next 5 days, you receive a whopping $100 discount. Not only that! You get to own SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro for the price of SpeedPPC Standard.

SpeedPPC is not for everyone. If you have already dabbled in PPC marketing or, better still, you have some experience in PPC marketing, then this software is meant for you. It will really make your life much easier and much more profitable while engaging in PPC marketing. Because, people who have used PPC marketing know how much time it takes to create and manage even one campaign, leave alone several campaigns and, that too, for several affiliate products. Let me frankly tell you it is a herculean task. How do I know? I have been using PPC marketing for quite some time now and, let me tell you, it is really tedious.

But, how does SpeedPPC help you?

There are actually seven problems that a PPC marketer faces which is fully addressed by SpeedPPC:

  1. Time spent on PPC Campaigns
  2. High competition driving up costs
  3. Poor quality score
  4. Ads with low click through rates
  5. Landing pages with low conversions
  6. Skyrocketing minimum bid prices
  7. Ineffective tracking

Some of the new features included in SpeedPPC version 3.0:

  1. Complete revamp of SpeedPPC software
  2. 190 New Expansion Lists
  3. 15 New Landing Page templates including professional templates
  4. Access to in-house ClickBank Mining Tool
  5. Advanced Ad Building
  6. Improved project management and interface
  7. Build multiple campaigns at once
  8. Updated SpeedPPC Datafeed Landing Page software
  9. Output to Microsoft Excel
  10. 10 new training videos and other training materials
  11. Monthly training resources
  12. Above all, SpeedPPC now supports 11 Ad companies for PPC marketing including Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Miva

This is the only software which has started earning money as well as saving money the moment I started using it. It is really incredible to know how much I was leaving on the table through missed revenue and excess cost in PPC marketing before I started using SpeedPPC. I am sure it will benefit me much more as I have not even used 15% of features available in this software.

If you really want to excel in PPC marketing and also achieve reduced costs and increased revenue, then I would strongly recommend SpeedPPC to you. By choosing to buy SpeedPPC now, you also save a solid $100 and a chance to own SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro instead of the Standard version.

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