I Love SBI: Testimonials From Real People Just Like You

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If you “Site Build It”, they will come. Ever wonder who really is behind these websites you get information and products from? Ever wonder how you could earn residual income from your passion or hobby? Would you like to know how real people like you set up their websites without any knowledge of how the internet works? You too could be saying I Love SBI. Why?

SBI is THE site. You will not have to know anything about the internet, nothing about HTML, zero about webhosting, zilch about getting traffic or even about affiliate marketing. You do not even need to know what you would want to market or teach others about on the internet. In fact, you can earn money without even having a website. SBI can help you become an affiliate marketer and earn a residual stream of income online or offline. I was skeptical, believe me. When I came across some videos about earning money using SBI I thought, “oh another get rich quick scheme that will be sending me in too many directions to even keep track of.” I just knew I would loose money if I tried it.

Then I read through the website, looked at their compensation offers, read through their plans and scrutinized their code of ethics. I spent two days, reading through all the information on the website, TWICE! I talked it over with a few friends and then watched the testimonial videos once again. After having met a few of the people in those videos online through their real and actual websites, I have to say I am impressed. You will be impressed too. So, let’s look into what a few people said about this company and you too will see why I love SBI. Then I will tell you how SBI can go to work for you.

A few Good People Just Needing an Extra Paycheck Per Month

Kim, from visiting-niagra-falls.com, reminds us that there is no pension waiting for most of us at age 65. And this is especially true for entrepreneurs. He partnered with SBI so he could work for himself when his pottery business fell to Wal-Mart’s low prices. He decided to look around and find something to let him retire. He now earns a net monthly income from his website by ad sense and vacation packages. His website gives him the freedom to enjoy his family, rather than trying to sell his website, the all inclusive package from SBI does everything for him!

Mitchell, from the drawingcoach.com, shares with us his story: “This is where I worked, the Hehatsu corp. Which when rearranged is one letter short of becoming “The Crap House” Which pretty much sums it up how I felt about my job. Three years of college and five years of low paid brown nosing and late nights, had landed me the position of Jr. Director of International Relations. Here’s the drill; we have clients all over the world and it’s my job to keep them happy. I sit here on the phone and writing emails. While most people here are sleeping, the rest of the world is working. They don’t care that it is 3 AM in my country.”

“They just want someone to scream at. And that was me. And then, I met a nice girl, life was good and after a year together, a thought popped into my head. One problem, I was dirt poor and I didn’t feel like a man worth marrying at all. To make extra money, I took an extra job teaching English as a second language, but the extra work was beginning to cause problems. I was never at home, and if I was, I was a zombie. I really felt like I had to choose between being a bachelor with a little extra money, or being a dead beat husband. Neither option seemed very appealing.”

“I started to research online business hoping to find the answer to my problems. I kept seeing endorsement for a product called “Site Build it” so I checked it out. Their message was simple. Find a topic you love, write about it, and they are there to help you make money online. I happily quite ESL and doubled my efforts building a website… fast forward 11 months. I now make more money from my website than I ever did at my job. So, here I am writing my last email as a Hehatsu employee (I quit!), and boy does it feel good. Thanks SBI you made this possible. I love SBI.”

Jaime, from homedecoratingcoach.com, shares her family’s life with us. In 2004 it was falling apart. Their family business, which they had poured their hearts and souls into, crumbled and left them without income. They soon lost their home. Each night they would surf the internet for something that would pull them from the down hill financial ruin. They would search under couch cushions for spare change. Often a box of macaroni and cheese was their only meal option. Then she read her 5-year-olds diary. “My mom and dad fight a lot and it makes me sad.”

That night she stumbled across the affiliate masters course by “Site Sell,” and she was expecting a get-rich-quick-scheme. What she found was not what she expected. She accessed page after page that showed her step by step how to create a profitable website and the best part is that she was never alone. She became part of a community of webmasters. Now she is jumping up and down saying,” Yes, this really does work. All my time and effort is finally paying off. So here I am now with a growing website and a growing vision…Thank You… for giving me hope and a vision for the future.”

Why You Can Say “I Love SBI”

I could share with you even more testimonials, but time doesn’t allow for it. There are over 36 videos from people just like you. You can see all the videos on the page – I Love SBI. These are people who may have started out not even knowing how to send emails, or even owning a computer. They were introduced to this fabulous team and got started right away. With a lot of elbow grease and a membership fee about the price of gourmet coffee for a month, they too were able to quit their jobs, stay home with their kids and family, and travel around the world.

SBI is not just a web host, it is not just an affiliate, it is not just a search engine optimizer, nor is it just technical support for all your needs in setting up a website. From the moment you start with their free month trial, they will take you step by step and brain storm ideas for your website that will be fun for you to write about. Then they give you an easy to use interface that guide you through selecting or designing your web pages look, building content, selling ad space, setting up affiliate links, and guiding you through the steps to make your website a top search in search engines.

They don’t just tell you how to reach people and gain traffic, they don’t just tell you how to earn money with or without products to sell, they don’t just explain to you how to get started earning an income. They guide you through it. You don’t even need to know how to blog or write HTML, or design graphics, they help with all of that. If you follow their easy to use plan, you are not guaranteed to get rich quick, you are guaranteed a profitable business that will double your household income or even enable you and your spouse to quit your job. You too will soon say “I Love SBI!”

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