Magical Power Words that Make People Do What You Want!

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by John Tanner

When writing sales copy there are power words that are often underestimated by writers. These words can increase your sales. Using power words can make the difference between a powerful, successful marketing campaign and a mediocre campaign. A successful marketer can tell you that power words are the building blocks of successful copywriting. It is power words that draw in your reader and feeds the reader’s compulsion to act on your information.

Marketing is more than what you are selling, a more important piece of marketing is HOW you are selling. While many people attempt to generate an income online many do not have the know-how when it comes to strong sales copy so their attempts end as dismal failures.

You’re about to get a huge boost in your copywriting skills. This boost will turn around your failing attempts and put your new ventures on the fast track to success.

In the end it is powerful sales copy that will make sales for you. If you aren’t able to write a compelling sales letter you are going to HAVE to figure out how or you are going to have to find someone who can.

You can:

-Hire a professional (can be expensive for someone who knows what they’re doing)

– Learn copywriting skills. This can take time but may be your best option if you have the time to spend studying.

– Fill in the blanks in a pre-made template and have your copy read like everyone else’s sales copy thereby losing your uniqueness.

-Use software (now there’s some pretty cool software that can help you write like a pro!- see below)

In this article, I’m going to reveal 15 power words that will help convert into sales for you! And to kick the list off I’m going to clue you into one of the strongest power words you could ever use. The concept behind this word is so powerful that it should pervade every action you take in your marketing.

Over the years, I have read many sales letters on the internet, in email marketing or direct mail marketing where people have gone on and on about what they have to offer to the customer, which may seem logical but this can really hurt your sales! Your prospect doesn’t really care what you have to give them because too much emphasis is on YOU and your prospect doesn’t want to focus on you. They’re focused on themselves.

The key to strong sales copy is to incorporate the use of “you” in the sales pitch. You should always tell your reader what they have to gain rather what you can give them. For instance, you can take, “I will give you this when you buy my product.” and turn it around to say, “You will get this…” which will turn the focus away from you and towards your prospective client. Basically you need to take the “I” and “me” out of your sales copy and exchange them for “you” and then watch your sales increase.

Obviously “you” is one of the most powerful words you could use in your sales copy.

Keeping this in mind, let’s move onto the list of 15 power words that can give your sales letter an incredible boost!

1. 100% Money Back

2. Amazing

3. Plus

4. Bargain

5. Plus

6. New

7. Challenge

8. Compare

9. Discount

10. Discovery

11. Easy

12. Increase

13. 100% Money Back

14. Amazing

15. Immediately

There are hundreds of power words you can use to improve your ad and sales copy. But BE WARNED! Just as there are words to trigger positive action from your prospects there are also words that can send them running!

Using them all effectively isn’t the easiest thing in the world. First you have to find them. Then you have to memorize them. But the real trick is training your brain to know exactly where to use them rather than the dull, ordinary words most people would use.

Fortunately there’s a breakthrough software called ScribeJuice that can help you easily master this powerful sales vocabulary so you can infuse all your ad and sales copy with response-driving, hypnotic power words – AND avoid using words that can kill your sales.

Visit if you need to write any online or offline ad or sales copy. ScribeJuice makes writing high-response sales copy and ads automatic.

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