Squeeze Page And Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

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Most people must be wondering what a squeeze page is and how it can help in affiliate marketing, though once they do familiarize themselves with squeeze page and affiliate marketing they will be in a better position to profit from proper use of squeeze pages.

So, to understand what a squeeze page is one must know its definition which is quite simple and refers to nothing more than a website that is used as a tool of pre-selling an affiliate product which is to be promoted by you. This means that you will need to create a squeeze page and then expect customers to take affirmative action based on it.

In fact, you may read the Part 1 on Squeeze Page and Affiliate Marketing in my blog.

Helps Collect Data On Customers

The designing of a squeeze page is such that whoever owns the website will require knowing as well as collecting data related to customers that use the squeeze page. And, one way of doing this would be to give to the customer a free report or a free course by email should the customer sign on for a newsletter.

All this should lead you into wondering just how do squeeze page and affiliate marketing work upon one another. The answer to how squeeze page and affiliate marketing work with one another can best be understood by knowing that anybody would appreciate having a list that can prove it profitable to them so that they can do business in the long run with the customer. There is no sense in directing the customer straight to an affiliate seller’s website for he or she may not purchase a product which would mean losing the customer for good.

However, if you were wise and chose instead to send the customer to your very own squeeze page and then make them a tempting offer for which you would require their data you would not risk losing the customer and in fact would have a long term relationship develop and still know where to contact the customer should the need arise in the future.

Thus, squeeze page and affiliate marketing are closely linked together and once you get the customer to enter his or her contact data, you could then send them to the affiliate website and when the customer converts to a sale you get your commission and if not, he or she is still there in your database which would enable you to try to make a sale through convincing him or her of your product or service’s many advantages at any time you desire.

To capitalize on squeeze pages, you need to avail of a good service for list building and for auto-responders. I am using Aweber and, let me tell you, it is THE best auto-responder service in existence today.

So, as you may not have failed to gather, squeeze page and affiliate marketing, when they work together, will help you create a list of prospects that, in turn, plays a crucial role in affiliate marketing and if you are able to develop a good and lasting relationship with the customer, you are assured of business in the long term and thus you will be able to earn more income through affiliate marketing as well.

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