Review of Tyler Cruz Blog

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Like John Chow’s blog, I have found another excellent blog which is owned by Tyler Cruz. He is an internet entrepreneur and web publiser. His blog,, is Google PR5, ranked at 8780 on Technorati and with an RSS readership of more than 700. He also gets more than 500 unique visitors per day to his blog.

What is his blog all about?

If you are a web publisher who is also a web entrepreneur then this is an excellent reference blog for you. Tyler Cruz’s blog discusses how did he, as a young web entrepreneur, start off as a mediocre person (financially) and traveled towards internet riches and wealth. Tyler’s blog gives you lot of information on publishing, marketing and monetization of your blog.

In fact, the very theme of the blog gives you lot of ideas as to how to present information to your visitors in such a way that it will sustain their interest and also develop a bond and trust towards you which will ultimately translate into revenue because the visitors will be more than willing to make purchases using links at your site.

One of the articles that arrested my interest is The Power Of Paid Reviews in Tyler’s blog. This article discusses how paid reviews can boost your revenue, maybe not 1000’s of USD, but definitely hundreds of dollars.

If you are an internet marketer who is after high quality backlinks, again Tyler Cruz’s blog is the best place to get the link because, at the moment, Tyler is accepting quality reviews about his blog in return for a backlink from his site.

On the whole, this is a blog highly worth saving in your favorites and referring back time and again for ideas and inspiration.

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