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SharePayNow is a new ePortal or Affiliate Marketing Network something similar to ClickBank or PayDotCom. As an affiliate, I found SharePayNow very appealing due to several of its superior features compared to both ClickBank as well as PayDotCom. So, I decided to do a Review of SharePayNow to help affiliate marketers make an informed decision before joining this new service.

SharePayNow is an affiliate marketing network. You could either join as a vendor, an affiliate or both. Affiliates earn commission by promoting vendors’ products from SharePayNow marketplace.

I have been an affiliate of ClickBank and PayDotCom for quite some time now. But, I see SharePayNow, if not now but in the very near future, to be a major competitor to these two established names.

In their website, SharePayNow lists a lengthy comparison chart with respect to both vendors as well as affiliates comparing them with ClickBank and PayDotCom. It is not my intention to reproduce that chart here, you can always read it from their website. But, these are the points that really impressed me about SharePayNow.

  1. Both PayDotCom and ClickBank charge an affiliate fee from the commissions due to the affiliate. With SharePayNow, affiliates do not pay any fees.
  2. As an international affiliate, I have to wait for atleast 6 weeks for the checks to arrive from ClickBank as they pay through check only. But, with SharePayNow, your payment is disbursed every 7 days to your PayPal account.
  3. At SharePayNow, you get elaborate statistics and reports compared to ClickBank or PayDotCom.
  4. With ClickBank, there are certain weird and ridiculous rules being followed while they settle your commission check. The standing sales made through your affiliate link should have 5 or more different credit cards used out of which there should be at least one sale made using Visa and one sale made using a Master Card. PayPal purchases are not counted as credit card purchases even though at the backend, PayPal uses our credit card for settlement.
  5. Let me take an example to illustrate this point. An affiliate has made $10,000 in commissions but, unfortunately, out of all these sales, people have not used a Visa or a Master card at all, then his commission is withheld. An affiliate gets penalized for no fault of his and on the purchaser’s action on which he has no control.

    Thankfully, SharePayNow does not have any such draconian rules.

  6. ClickBank holds back 10% or more of the commission due as reserve holdback to cover against any future returns. It means that the affiliate never gets their commission in full. But, SharePayNow has no such holdbacks.
  7. ClickBank has a maximum affiliate commission per sale of $100 whereas SharePayNow has not such maximum limit.
  8. At SharePayNow, vendors are required to sign an Affiliate Payment Guarantee Contract. This guarantees payments to affiliates on a timely basis.
  9. SharePayNow has a vendor rating system which is lacking at both PayDotCom and ClickBank. This gives an idea about the vendor’s credibility, popularity of their products and service orientation.

Currently, one drawback with SharePayNow is that it has a very small marketplace compared to ClickBank or PayDotCom. But, frankly, I do not see this situation continuing for long. With the impressive extra features at SharePayNow, they are fast getting a strong foothold and gaining in popularity.

Actually, as an affiliate marketer, I am in business and if a company offers me a better product, a better service or a better package for a lesser overall cost (in other words, boiling down to a higher revenue), then I will not hesitate to switch companies. After all, we are in business and not doing charity.

My recommendation to every affiliate marketer is that they should try out SharePayNow and see, for themselves, how their service is. You do not lose anything as sign up is free and, if at all, you will end up earning some extra commissions. On a more positive note, I strongly feel that we will stand to gain, in the long run, if we join them now while they are on Beta. I have already joined them. How about you? Please give your comments and share your thoughts!

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