Ezine advertising

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Online magazines are one of the popular ways to advertise on the internet. [tag-tec]Ezine advertising[/tag-tec] can be highly effective and cheap if you do your research properly. Online magazines are available, in thousands, concerning almost any niche subject.

In order to effectively advertise in an ezine, you need to target your audience and track your responses. This means you must have some way to keep track of where your website visitors come from, so you can concentrate your advertising dollars on those publications that bring you the best results.

Finding the right ezine for your niche is very important in order to maximize returns vis-a-vis dollars spent. I give below a few tips that are worth considering when you are researching ezine advertising:

  1. Subscribe to the ezine yourself and read several issues to get a feel for the type of material they include
  2. Know your target audience so you can readily identify ezines that might interest them
  3. Don’t discount ezines with smaller circulations. Often, ezines with fewer subscribers are more thoroughly read, which results in a higher response rate for your advertisement
  4. You need to target ezines that feature a limited number of ads per issue so yours does not get lost in the crowd, and ensure the ezine employs a policy of not running similar ads in the same issue (so you don’t end up directly vying with your competition)

How do you find these ezines? Enter “ezine” or “ezine directory” in your favorite search engine along with your topic, and you will turn up thousands (or millions) of hits. You can also subscribe to a paid ezine database like Web Source for access to an enormous listing of ezines with constantly updated information about subscription bases, advertising rates, and distribution demographics.

You can also bid on advertising space in targeted ezines at a website such as Ezine Ad Auction, which may prove more cost-effective and time-saving than traditional ad space purchases.

Start off with this simple advertising method on ezines. This will definitely start paying you rich dividends. It will also help you to learn about your target audience and allow you to fine tune your advertisement delivery mechanism.

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