Classified Ads For Your Affiliate Programs

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Advertising through classified ads for your affiliate programs is considered somewhat difficult. This is mainly because in case of classified ads, you are generally required to use a small amount of words for putting across a crucial point about your product. In those small number of words, you need to generate interest in the product that you are advertising.

It is definitely a challenge but it can also be very effective. So, how can you use classified ads to generate traffic to your affiliate web page?

You need to know such good sites which accept classified ads. If you want to post free classified ads to generate traffic and thereby revenue, then the classified ads site should themselves be getting an enormous amount of traffic. I can recommnend three such sites.

  1. US Free Ads
  2. I would rate US Free Ads as the top most free classified ads site. USFreeAds gets a massive amount of traffic and a much more important point is that they are loved by Google and you can get yourself listed in Google very fast.

  3. Craig List
  4. So long as you post classified ads in the proper section, you can do it completely free of charge. Additionally, you can do this on each of the craigslist sites for the metropolitan areas in the United States.

  5. Yahoo
  6. Another place you can post free classified ads is Classified Ads section at Yahoo. Your post has to be on topic to enable you to use the free classified section.

With classifieds, it is either free or you’re paying for a certain period of time or impressions, so your goal should be to generate as many clicks as possible, so use words like “cheap,” “free,” “proven,”, “Tips”, and “shocking” to draw attention to your ad.

Once you have successfully drawn attention to your ad through the headline, you will then want to finalize the deal by providing viewers with a reason to click through, provided that your affiliate product is something they will want to buy. You can do this by explicitly stating a quantifiable benefit in the second line of the classified ad and then stating a crucial feature in the third line.

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