Choosing A Good Market

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Success of your web publishing and [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec] venture greatly depends on choosing a good market which has lot of internet users and good monetization potential.

There are actually several thousands of markets that can be chosen online, and quite a number of them have great lot of targetted internet visitors. Whether the market is tapped or untapped, identifying a niche within that market means faster and higher profit potential for you.

Some examples of markets with niche potential

  1. Moms
  2. Currently, there are more than 32 million moms online. If you have a mom-friendly product or service, you can tap this enormous market. Moms use the Internet to search for more than baby food recipes and parenting tips! However, you should be aware that most moms are web-savvy and will see through any condescending or intrusive marketing ploys. Make sure you keep it real—don’t misrepresent your products, and don’t let your marketing material sound preachy or highbrow.

  3. Travel
  4. More and more Internet users are booking travel reservations and researching travel-related material online. This year alone, online travel and travel-related leisure sales will reach $78 billion. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing sections of e-commerce, and there is plenty of profit to go around!

  5. China
  6. There is a huge, largely untapped market in China. Over 111 million people in China use the Internet. The downside is that most of them don’t have credit cards. Few Internet marketers have been able to come up with an effective method of doing business with China. Maybe, you will be the one to change that.

  7. Baby boomers
  8. Everyone knows there are millions of baby boomers in the United States alone. Products and services that appeal to this generation can enjoy enormous success. The baby boom generation is fast approaching retirement age, so products and services that deal with investment, retirement options, and later lifestyle changes are hot topics online today.

  9. Computer Tips
  10. Computer is a hot topic and there is always someone somewhere in the world who wants to get different types of tips about computers and computer applications. As computer technology becomes more and more advanced, so also are people becoming less and less knowledgeable and would want to learn more about it.

  11. Techno Gadgets
  12. We see electronic gadgets being introduced in the market on a daily basis. Some examples are Bluetooth, WiFi or Wireless enabled gadgets, Mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs, Gaming devices like Xbox, Laptops, Geographical Positioning Systems or GPS equipments, Multi function Laser printers, Internet Broadband related equipments like Wireless Routers, Webcams, Digital Camera, Video Cameras. These are topics about which people want to understand and know about. And, people want to own any gadget that is hip and techno-savvy. So, there will always be a huge market potential in this area.

A very good tool that I use for my niche analysis is known as Adword Analyzer. It gives lot of information about any niche market that you would be interested in.

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