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Carl is a 13 year old kid whose blog is at

Carl’s Blog has a Google Pagerank of 4, Technorati Ranking of 3,336 and an Alexa Ranking of 38,845. It is amazing what a person can do if (s)he has an interest and a little perseverance even if that person is just 13 years old.

I liked quite a few of the articles that he had written in his blog.

The article, Important Blog Pages – Blog Pages You Should Have to Look like a Professional, brings out very nicely which are the pages that are normally missed or forgotten by any blogger but which are very important for a blog to look professional.

In this article, Diversify Your Blogging – Maximize Your Blogging Revenue within Weeks, Carl explains how to diversify your blogging so that you are able to achieve maximum revenue potential for your blog.

This article, Sell Anything to Someone and Make Him Like it?, features an excellent video which tells you how you can sell just about anything to a person and, above all, make him like it.

Carl’s blog has more down-to-earth advice on various topics including making money online and internet marketing techniques.

Any affiliate marketer or internet marketer will immensely benefit from his blog.

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