Authority Site Center Insures Your Internet Business

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In a moment, we will see how Authority Site Center insures your internet business.

I read a scarry article on SitePro News titled “What Happened to RegisterFly and How to Protect Your Domains” authored by Ross Dunn. This article was in their Issue #919 dated March 23, 2007.

The author, Ross Dunn, is the founder and CEO of StepForth Search Engine Placements Inc. based in Canada. was publicly de-accredited on 16March2007 by ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) for major contractual breaches.

It seems that their customer service was in shambles and there were major lags on transfers and renewals of domains. In many instances, there were also illegal transfer of domain name ownership from the customer to RegisterFly.

Due to the above lapses on the part of RegisterFly and also the de-accreditation, customers were left high and dry. Many thriving businesses with production websites lost their domains and consequently, lost lot of credibility, customer loyalty and of course, revenue.

The article goes on to give 7 tips to protecting your [tag-tec]domains[/tag-tec].

The point I would like to make here is that full time web publishers and internet marketers like us who are totally dependent on internet business for our livelihood are, frankly, at the mercy of domain registrars and web hosting service providers.

Just imagine what will happen if a website of yours that earns you some $10,000 or $20,000 per month is shut down due to no fault of yours but due to either the domain registrar or the web hosting service provider’s fault. I find this as a very scarry situation.

For this reason, it is all the more important that you need to be extremely careful before choosing the right domain registrar or web hosting service provider.

I did a lot of research before I decided to bank my entire internet business with Authority Site Center. ASC is not a simple web hosting company but they are something much more. Apart from considerations on superior technology like web 2.0, the following points greatly influenced my decision:

  1. [tag-tec]Authority Site Center[/tag-tec] is not a one-man show. It is a company run by 5 highly motivated individuals.
  2. Each one of them is very well qualified and experienced in the internet and technology business.
  3. I find these people to be dedicated to the cause of propagating internet business knowledge among the masses.
  4. They have a faculty of trained tutors who are also successful web publishers and internet marketers having their websites hosted on ASC.
  5. Every year, the faculty conducts a 7-month highly result oriented coaching program for internet marketers. This is known as the ASC Elite Coaching Program.
  6. They also conduct free weekly group coaching calls on Research, Publishing, Marketing and Monetization using best practices in web 2.0 techiques. This is available free to every ASC member.
  7. The partners of ASC also conduct specialized coaching calls as part of the above coaching programs to share their knowledge and expertise with the ASC members.
  8. At least two partners of ASC have their own websites hosted on the same servers where customers’ websites are hosted.
    • Jack Humphrey’s The Friday Traffic Report is a hugely successful Google PR5 website attracting around 5000 unique visitors per day and earning him in five figure revenues per month. He has recently released an excellent ebook known as Authority Black Book. This ebook discusses, in detail, successful publishing and marketing of your websites using Web 2.0 techniques. This is a free download.
    • Brandon Hall’s SEO Feed is again a well known authority site.

The above reasons, along with my actual experience with them, have convinced me that Authority Site Center is a dedicated and sincere lot who can be completely trusted and whom you can depend on.

As suggested in the 7 tips to protecting your [tag-ice]domains[/tag-ice], do not use the same service provider to register your domain as well as host your website. It is not good to put all eggs in the same basket.

I use Go Daddy for registering my domains. I find them to be quite professional and they are one of the biggest domain registrars.

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